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Heyo. This is the about page. (Just in case you got lost). My name is Andrew Chi Nguyen. I am a 18 year old:

  • Filmmaker

  • Director

  • Editor

  • Writer

  • Cinematographer

  • Photographer

  • Mediocre Guitar Player

  • Z-Tier Influencer

I go by many aliases, which include but are not limited to:

  • Andrew Nguyen

  • Andrew C. Nguyen

  • Andrew Chi Nguyen

  • TheToxicy

  • TheRealToxicy

  • Toxicy

  • Z-Tier Influencer

You can find most of my work below, or on the rest of this website. Because why else would I make a website?

You can also email me at:

This is definitely not a staged photo

Me "Directing"

I bet you haven't seen this photo before